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Why do they call it a blog?

Updated: May 2, 2021

My fingertips dangle over computer keys, those little tabs with so much to say, and I'm anxious to slap down the next chapter in my novel. when I hear I should have an author blog


Why do they call it a BLOG?

I want to know.

I'm curious.

Before I write a blog, I want to know why it's called a blog.

I learned "blog" is short for web log. As in WE-B-LOG. The person responsible for naming blogs shortened the last four letters of two words. It stuck.

Blogs could have easily been calle wogs. Wog is more fun to say.

WOG. Wog. wog.

But my computer does not agree. It throws a fit when I try to replace the word "blog" with "wog." Spell check jumps to attention and instantly turns wog into wag, log, dog, wow, wig, woo, or won.

Spell-check cops may be only one reason why humans continue to call blogs blogs instead of wogs.

No one wants to fight the spellcheck cops to revise log, dog, won, and so forth back to wog. .

The more I wondered about why blogs aren't called wigs I mean dogs -- I mean wags... will you look at that? The spell-check police are also so confused about this they do notknow what to call them either. Spell check keeps coming up with a new, different correction every time I try to type wog. It makes me wonder if there are a roomful of spell check cops and I keep getting a different one every time. Or maybe they work shifts and I get them at chit change time.

Anyway, I do not advise worrying about whether this should have been called a wog or a block. You'll just get frustrated trying to type wog.

I've wasted all this time, I will still probably have write that oddly named blog, sometime, maybe tomorrow...

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